All That You Will Get for ‘Free’ with Medicare

In the U.S., seniors typically pay more for healthcare compared to other groups. For instance, according to estimates from Fidelity Investments, the average 65-year-aged couple retiring in 2021 will spend about $300,000 in medical costs. Fortunately, Medicare enrollees can access certain no-cost health services, allowing them to keep their healthcare costs relatively low. It’s important Read More

Oct 15, 2021 – Dec 7, 2021: Review Your Medicare Options for the Year Ahead

At the end of every year, individuals enrolled in Medicare can update their options through what’s known as Open Enrollment or Annual Election Period (AEP). Members can make changes to their plans from October through the end of the year. Here’s what Medicare health plan members should think about as they renew their coverage options. Read More

How to Find a Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Medicare Advisor?

Many seniors may wonder how to know if they should trust their Medicare advisor. Adding specific terms in your keyword search for Medicare advisors helps. Here are tips on how to search for and evaluate knowledgeable and trustworthy Medicare advisors. Use Search Tools The internet is usually the best place for any type of research. Read More

Medicare Supplement Insurance Explained: What You Need to Know

Medicare Supplement Insurance is also known as Medigap. The policy adds an extra layer of protection to original Medicare policies. Medicare Supplement Insurance is sold by private companies. It generally covers health care expenses such as co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Medigap has unique benefits that original Medicare policies don’t provide. For example, original Medicare policies Read More