Coverage for Diabetic Test Strips in Medicare

Coverage for Diabetic Test Strips in Medicare

If you are diabetic, monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly is important. Diabetes test strips have made it convenient for you to measure your blood sugar levels both at home and on the road. They are small disposable strips that you use with a glucose meter to check the glucose level.
Does Medicare cover diabetic test strips? This blog besides answering the question, offers added information on the types of glucose test strips covered by Medicare, how to procure the strips, the admissible number of strips, and the brands covered by Medicare.

Does Medicare Cover Diabetes Test Strips? 

 The Part B of your Medicare plan offers coverage for diabetes test strips. Once you have paid the Part B deductible, you only need to pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount each time you buy the strips.
However, to qualify for Medicare coverage for diabetes test strips, you need a prescription from your physician that must be renewed every 12 months. It must mention:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of diabetes
  • Type of glucose monitoring device needed
  • Frequency of tests
  • Number of test strips you need

Types of Diabetic Test Strips Covered by Medicare

Diabetic test strips are small strips on which the blood drop is placed and then transmitted to the glucose monitor to be checked. The strips you use must be compatible with the blood glucose monitor that your physician prescribes.

The type of monitor prescribed may depend on several factors such as:

  • Your specific health need
  • Convenience to use
  • Cost of device

How Do I Get My Diabetic Test Strip Supplies Through Medicare? 

There are 2 options for you to get your diabetic test strip supplies:

  1. You may collect the strips or order by mail from a local pharmacy or supplier that accepts Medicare. To locate a local Medicare supplier near you, you can visit the website, or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).
  2. You can get the supply from Medicare’s National Mail-Order Program for diabetes testing supplies at the same rate.

Number of Diabetic Test Strips Covered by Medicare 

If you use insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels, Medicare covers up to 300 diabetic test strips or 300 lancets per month. For those who do not use insulin, the number of allotted strips is 100. However, if your prescription mentions more frequent testing, you may be covered for more than the allotted number of diabetic test strips.

 The Brand of Diabetic Test Strips Covered by Medicare

Medicare covers several brands of blood glucose monitors and test strips such as OneTouch and Accu-Chek. If you have a specific preference, a Do Not Substitute on the prescription from your physician can ensure that your supplier will provide you with the same brand.

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