What Can You Get out of Your “Welcome to Medicare Visit”?

What Can You Get out of Your “Welcome to Medicare Visit”?

During your first year of being eligible for Medicare, you have the option to take advantage of the Welcome to Medicare Visit. This is a free healthcare visit that you are entitled to once you become eligible for Medicare. Less than 14% of newly enrolled Medicare members take advantage of this unique opportunity. For many, it is simply overlooked. It is, however, one of your best opportunities to receive all of the preventive screenings you may have forgotten about.

What Is a “Welcome to Medicare Visit”?

Also referred to as the Initial Preventive Physical Exam, your Welcome to Medicare Visit gives you a chance to meet your primary doctor and learn more about your health. You will receive all of the medical screenings you need and be given a crash course on all of your Medicare benefits. You have 12 months to take advantage of this unique physical exam after you enroll in Medicare.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for the Welcome to Medicare Visit, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part B. Once you enroll, you have one whole year to schedule and complete your physical exam. It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen a Medicare Advantage plan or decided to stay with your original Medicare coverage. If your doctor takes your Medicare assignment, you won’t have to pay anything, and any charges or deductibles will be waived.

What Does Your Visit Include?

The Welcome Visit covers seven primary factors that influence your health. Your doctor will go over your medical history and take a close look at any risk factors you may have that could lead to anxiety or depression. Your safety will also be assessed to ensure that you can safely function on your own. A thorough physical examination will be performed to identify any potential health issues. Your doctor may also discuss end-of-life planning if you feel it is necessary. Your doctor will also provide any counseling and educational resources you may need, as well as referrals for specific types of medical services. This includes any medical screenings you may want to take advantage of.

Is Your Welcome Visit Different Than an Annual Exam?

The main difference between an annual wellness visit and your Welcome Visit is that your annual visit takes place once a year, whereas you only get 12 months to take advantage of your Welcome Visit once you have enrolled in Medicare. This is a one-time opportunity for you to get everything you need in one visit. Once you miss your one-year window, you will need to explore these preventive options during your annual wellness visits.

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