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Are you approaching your 65th birthday? If so, it’s understandable that you may already be looking up “Medicare advisor near me” on Google. Consulting a health insurance expert can help you make better sense of your Medicare coverage options and rates, even if you’re past 65. Here’s a brief look at how a Medicare advisor can help you get a high-quality health plan for your budget.

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Who Are Medicare Advisors?

Medicare advisors are Medicare agents and consultants. If you’re eligible for coverage, these experts can help you sign up for original Medicare coverage. They also partner with private carriers contracted by the federal government to offer Medicare plans such as:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medigap
  • Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

A reliable Medicare advisor or broker should give you an objective assessment of various Medicare plans in the market. Their role is to help you choose the best plan for your healthcare needs and budget.


How Can I Find a Medicare Agent?

You can find Medicare advisors by visiting relevant agent associations in your state. Keep in mind that most Medicare agents market their services online. So, searching the web for “Medicare consultants near me” is generally the more straightforward approach.

You can also compare several advisors and select the best professional based on factors like:

  • Their Medicare specialty and experience
  • Affiliation with multiple top-rated carriers to offer unbiased Medicare advice, more coverage options, and competitive rates

What to Expect During Medicare Consultation

The purpose of Medicare consultation is to help you understand your coverage options and choose an appropriate, personalized plan.
What Is Discussed at Your Meeting with Medicare Advisors?
At the advisor’s office, you should expect an unbiased, no-obligation discussion of your preferred plan options. The consultant can share plan features, materials, and other resources to help you make an informed choice. They may offer you a sign-up form, and if you don’t mind, business cards and other promotional materials for sharing with friends and family.


Things Medicare Agents Can’t Do During Preliminary Consultations

You will have scheduled an appointment with specific coverage interests or plans in mind, and these should be your Medicare agent’s sole focus at the meeting.

A professional advisor won’t do the following:

  • Solicit your friends’ or family members’ contact information
  • Pressure you into making commitments, such as signing up, as a precondition for getting free Medicare advice
  • Ask for your personal bank account/credit card details
  • Offer you incentives to purchase a specific Medicare plan
  • Offer you a life plan, auto liability policy, or other irrelevant plans when you’re after Medicare

How We Can Help at Medicare Advisors

  • We’re licensed and certified Medicare advisors and can provide free Medicare consultations without any obligation to enroll
  • We liaise with several A-rated insurance companies to offer the best coverage options available on the market
  • We can help existing Medicare enrollees review and update their plans based on their latest and future coverage needs
  • If you’re approaching or just turned 65, we can help you enroll within the stipulated time frame to avoid Original Medicare and Part D late sign-up penalties

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