How to Find a Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Medicare Advisor?

How to Find a Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Medicare Advisor?

Many seniors may wonder how to know if they should trust their Medicare advisor. Adding specific terms in your keyword search for Medicare advisors helps. Here are tips on how to search for and evaluate knowledgeable and trustworthy Medicare advisors.

Use Search Tools

The internet is usually the best place for any type of research. Use Google and other search engines and enter specific keywords in quotes such as “Medicare advisor + your hometown.” Other terms that might help narrow your search include “Medicare consultant” and “fee-only Medicare advisor.” Another phrase to search is your state’s “health insurance assistance program.” Include the specific type of insurance you need in the keyword phrase, although most major insurance companies offer a wide menu of policies from auto to home to life coverage.

Evaluate Your List of Candidates

Once you’ve compiled a list of 5-10 candidates to research, you can then spend more time carefully looking at each plan to see if it meets your specific needs. Many people don’t want to put in this extra time and complain when they end up with a plan that falls short of their needs.

If you go with a lesser-known insurance advisors, make sure it is licensed in your state. Fly-by-night scams do exist, so be careful not to fall into a “too good to be true” trap. Don’t let that discourage you from prioritizing your list based on your needs, which may include financial considerations. Whatever insurer you decide upon, it should be an individual that has passed the annual American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) exam. AHIP is the trade group that represents the health insurance industry.

Narrow the List Further

Once you’ve gathered relevant information about each potential insurance agency, you will need to narrow the list down to about three finalists. The standards you choose are up to you how you decide to filter companies out. If you can only afford to pay a certain amount for an add-on that you don’t really need, it may be one of your factors for narrowing the list further. For the most part, an insurer must be a partner you can trust that helps you sleep better at night.


Many times you can get the information you need about an insurer’s policy offerings directly from their websites. Otherwise, you can get your questions answered through phone, email, or other digital channels.

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