5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance

Buying health insurance requires careful thought and comparing prices among different providers. It would be a mistake to assume all health insurance companies are the same and offer the same plans. You need first to consider your current state of health and medical history. From there, you can customize a health plan to get all Read More

High-Deductible Medicare Supplemental Insurance – What You Must Know Before Buying

High-deductible Medigap or Medicare supplemental insurance plans G and F cover gaps in the Original Medicare coverage, including coinsurance, deductibles, and co-pays. Some Medigap plans have high deductibles and lower premiums than standard Medicare plans. However, whether or not a high-deductible plan is worth it depends on how much you can save on its premium Read More

Do You Need to Sign Up for Medicare if You’re 65 and Still Working?

It’s still possible to sign up for a Medicare plan at age 65. It makes sense if you already work for an employer who offers a health plan, which is something millions of Americans face. Signing up for Medicare can potentially reduce your out-of-pocket medical costs. Here’s a look at what you should know about Read More

The Basics of Supplemental Health Insurance

There are various types of health insurance that fall under the category of supplemental insurance. Any form of medical coverage you need that isn’t mentioned in the terms of your existing healthcare plan can be filled with a supplement insurance plan. Here are important things you should know about adding supplemental insurance to your existing Read More

Health Insurance 101: Your Complete Guide to Health Insurance

Currently, the average cost of health insurance coverage in the U.S. is about $452 per month. While this may seem like a large figure, uninsured Americans face even tougher challenges when it comes to access to healthcare. Specifically, they receive poor quality medical care and lack access to recommended care, which often result in the Read More